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Tell us your unique needs and requirements.

We will send you our HVAs' profiles and CVs to choose from.


Select your Healthcare Virtual Assistants to save money and enhance patient care. 


By considering ourselves an integral part of your team, we bring a sense of ownership, dedication, and accountability to our work. We are invested in your success and are driven to deliver exceptional results that positively impact your practice. 

A typical day of a Healthcare Virtual Assistant

Working alongside a BloomBright Healthcare Virtual Assistant ensures increased productivity, reduced administrative burden, more efficient workflow, all while maintaining cost-effectiveness and flexibility in your healthcare practice.

Begin the day with a virtual check-in, discussing priorities, tasks, and any updates.

Your HVA dives into their work, using their expertise and skills to tackle their assigned responsibilities.

Your HVA completes their tasks and logs off. But it is their flexibility that allows them to align their availability with your specific needs and operational requirements.

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A Healthcare Virtual Assistant can:

  • Manage your EMR inboxes and process refill requests.

  • Perform insurance verification, acquire prior authorizations, and coordinate patient care.  

  • Answer and make calls using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). By leveraging this technology, our HVAs can seamlessly handle incoming calls on behalf of your practice, ensuring efficient and reliable communication with your patients.

  • Efficiently manage appointment scheduling, medical records requests, and other administrative tasks remotely, providing streamlined and comprehensive support for you, your staff, and your patients.

Main differences between a Healthcare Virtual Assistant and your in-house staff

They do not occupy your office space, so no need to spend money on new computers, office chairs, or other equipment.

They’re paid about 70% less but provide exceptional service, and exceed expectations.

 A Healthcare Virtual Assistant can do almost everything your in-person employees do!

Unlock the possibilities of sustainable staffing solutions for your practice through remote support. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven the efficiency of managing administrative tasks and patient care from a remote location. Embracing this approach enables you to optimize savings while boosting productivity and elevating the overall quality of service for your patients.


Undoubtedly, some tasks, like escorting patients to exam rooms or administering immunizations, require in-person interactions. Striking the perfect balance between remote and on-site support is vital to optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your practice. Allow us to assist you in finding the right balance, harnessing the full benefits of both approaches, resulting in streamlined and cost-effective operations, as well as improved patient care.

Start experiencing the exceptional service from our carefully curated HVAs

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